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A whole body approach to improving your health.

Contact and FAQ

A whole body approach to improving your health.


What to Expect

-Please arrive ten minutes early to your appointment to fill out or update your health history, have a drink of water, and use the washroom. All outdoor footwear is removed upon arrival.
-Health history forms are used to help us determine the type of treatment you require, all information is confidential and treatment notes will be made following each appointment, for your convenience, you can print off an intake form here to bring with you to your first appointment
-If using insurance we will need the information of your PRIMARY insurance company in order to call your insurer PRIOR to treatment to confirm all the details of your specific coverage
-Treatment takes place in a private room, you and your therapist will go through a brief assessment and discussion on the type of treatment you need to address your concerns
-The therapist will then leave the room to give you time to change and get on the table under the sheet and blanket
-Treatment is best performed without the restriction of clothing, although, your comfort is our foremost concern, so if you are uncomfortable with the removal of any article of clothing, you are encouraged to voice your concern immediately and we will work with you at YOUR COMFORT LEVEL
-During treatment we want to ensure that your concerns can be voiced at any time to let your therapist know how to adapt their work to give you the best treatment possible: so if you need lighter touch, less talking, more talking, deeper treatment work, you are feeling too warm or too cold, or are not comfortable with treatment to any part of the body, we encourage you to speak up immediately, we want your experience to be safe, comfortable and stress free!
-For treatments that do not require the removal of clothing (osteopathy), we request you wear yoga/exercise type clothing that allows easy/comfortable mobility for treatment to be applied
-Post-treatment you and your therapist will go over any stretches/exercises to support your treatment, discuss when to schedule your next appointment and complete any paperwork we need for insurance, we always encourage everyone who has just had a treatment to drink extra water to help the body recover from the toxins released during treatment and to take as much time to relax afterwards to help your body adjust to the treatment

Direct Billing

-We offer direct billing to PRIMARY insurers only (your personal or your only insurance plan)
-We MUST contact and confirm insurance plan details BEFORE billing for you, so when visiting us for the first time on an evening or weekend, we will need your insurance information prior to your appointment to contact the insurance company during their office hours
-This is a FREE service we extend to our clients but, as each plan is organized differently, should we encounter any issues (run out of coverage, deductible, require a medical note, insurer denies claim etc.) we reserve the right to request immediate payment in full for your service

Cancellation Policy

-We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations or rescheduling requests, all MISSED APPOINTMENTS and same day cancellations will be charged 70% of the missed appointment fee (cancellation/missed appointment fee does not include unavoidable emergencies or illness)

Sick Policy

-In order to help keep our clinic a healthy environment, we ask that if you are sick (cold, flu, etc.) or are experiencing the onset of symptoms, please call as far in advance as possible to reschedule your appointment. In the event, you show up ill or with symptoms your therapist reserves the right to cancel and reschedule you at a later date.

Noise Policy

-Please be aware that noise travels easily throughout our clinic. We have done all we can to minimize this structurally but voices can still be heard so to protect your confidential information and to respect others in treatment, please be mindful of voice levels during your appointment

Minor Policy

-All clients under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian
-Informed consent must be done with both parent/guardian and minor present
-All insurance documents/intake forms must be signed by parent/guardian
-Parent/guardian must remain within the clinic, if not in the clinic room, during treatment

Patient Portal

-The link for our patient portal will take you to our software program where you can:
-go through our class details, see the calendar of scheduled classes and register for the classes you wish to attend
-View any upcoming therapy appointments
-View all invoices for treatments/products at our clinic
-Keep track of how much insurance you have used at our clinic (less any applicable Insurance Claims made elsewhere)
-See outstanding balances if there are any
-Attach Doctor Prescriptions required by your Insurance Company
-View any material/notes your therapist recommends for your home care

Classroom Rental

Our classroom is approximately 420 square feet and can fit up to 25 participants for a sit down workshop or 8 to 10 participants for exercise classes. Class rental comes with use of chairs, tables, there is some yoga equipment available, it has access to washrooms, a small kitchen space, and coffee and tea. We also have a projector available to rent should your class require it. We rent our space at $25/hour plus GST or at a reduced rate for multiple hours. To come in to look at the space or to get more information, please call the clinic at 204-889-9089 and ask for Jeanine.

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