About Our Practitioners

Massage Therapists

Karen Bilous - pre-natal/post-natal, therapeutic, relaxation

offers therapeutic and relaxation massage, but her real passion lies in working with pre and postnatal clients. In her 20+ years of practice, Karen has taken specialized classes focusing on pregnancy and infant massage and practiced as a doula for 12+ years. She has helped hundreds of moms throughout their pregnancies, labors, and post-pregnancy. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each client she works with.

Jackie Clark Tuzzolino – therapeutic, acupuncture, cupping, relaxation.

has been with Sundragon since our first summer in 2006. Over the years, she has developed a genuine interest in working with children and senior health, focusing on gentle treatment methods to help alleviate pain, range of motion problems, and joint issues. She uses cupping, acupuncture (as part of a massage treatment, not billable as an acupuncture session), and a variety of joint mobilization techniques to comfortably and successfully address clients’ issues.

Amanda Davis – manual lymphatic drainage, therapeutic, relaxation 

joined Sundragon Studios in 2013 and graduated from The Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in 2010. She is a fully certified MLD therapist trained by the Doctor Vodder School in Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and the Doctor Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). She became fully certified in 2014 and is a member of the Lymphedema Association of Manitoba (LAM). Her massage styles range from stress reduction relaxation massage to treatment of injuries. Amanda also has trained in cupping techniques and loves to combines all her skills in order to provide each client with the treatment they need.

Marne Feldman – therapeutic, relaxation.

has been practicing massage therapy for the past 16 years and offers therapeutic and relaxation massage. She has been part of the Sundragon team for ten years and works with a blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques that helps create a treatment that improves mobility and reduces stress.

Karlee Heide – sports massage, therapeutic, cupping, relaxation.

graduated from Wellington Massage College in 2011. Karlee has been a hockey fan all her life, giving her an interest in working with sports-related injuries. Over the years, she has added cupping, taping, and stretching courses to her list of therapeutic tricks to help her clients recover from injuries and keep them in the game.

Sara Kos-Whicher – graduated as an RMT in 2015 and has been working at Sundragon Studios since 2016. In her practice, she treats many clients with neck injuries and has had success in helping people suffering from headaches, whiplash injuries, and chronic neck pain.

Nicole McLennan – therapeutic, relaxation

graduated from massage college in January of 2018. She joined the Sundragon family in February of that year.  She enjoys doing therapeutic massage using joint mobilization techniques to improve the client's range of motion, improve structural alignment and help clients towards pain-free movement.

Lisa Peterson – joined us in November of 2017.  She has been practicing massage for 15+ years in a number of locations throughout Winnipeg and has finally found a home in Sundragon. Lisa enjoys using a variety treatment methods to help clients relax and feel better. These include therapeutic/deep tissue work, hot stone massage,  pre and post natal massage, relaxation massage and sports massage.

Jeanine Piche – therapeutic.

the owner of Sundragon Studios, has brought her vision of creating a community-based health and wellness studio to life. Jeanine has been a practicing massage therapist for over 20 years and focuses on therapeutic and deep tissue work.

Melody Titus – therapeutic, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release

graduated from Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in 2010 and has been working at Sundragon ever since. Along with therapeutic and relaxation massage, Melody has taken extensive training in working with the craniosacral system and myofascial release and enjoys working with the more gentle techniques to help ease tension and pain for clients.

Gwen Gilley – therapeutic, relaxation, energy work

has been a massage therapist for over 20 years and brings much experience and knowledge to her treatment. She has studied myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, positional release technique, and primal reflex release. She works gently with the body's structures to encourage release and relief to pain and restricted motion.

Susan Jurkowski – therapeutic, TMJ work, relaxation.

joined Sundragon Studios in 2009. As a graduate of the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, her focus areas include Trigger Point Therapy, TMJ dysfunction treatments, prenatal massage, and general well-being massage treatments. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in massage therapy, she has many techniques to ease your pain and get you back on the path to wellness.

Aaron Amann- deep tissue, sports massage, therapeutic, relaxation

joined our team early last year and has brought his passion for working with individuals suffering from headaches and neck pain. Later this year he will be studying Indian Head Massage to add to his tools to address neck and head pain. He also has a sports background and enjoys working with many different injuries helping players get back in the game! 

Grace Capiral – therapeutic, relaxation, deep tissue, pre-natal and Graston method.

a massage therapist who is passionate and committed to helping people on their healing journey. She believes in a practice that is client-focused and that values open communication between the therapist and client. As a 2007 graduate of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, she utilizes various techniques such as Swedish massage, myofascial release, and joint mobilization to provide stress and pain reduction, injury prevention, and relaxation massage. Grace always strives to provide effective and relaxing treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Steve McClelland -therapeutic, relaxation.

Steve joined our family in 2006 after graduating from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba. He practices part time focusing his treatments on relaxation and deep tissue work. 

Maggie Jin  TCM Acupuncture, RMT

Maggie just joined us this summer. Her primary focus is to build her acupuncture practice with us.  She is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture when she was living in China. When she moved to Winnipeg she also took her massage therapy training here at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba.

Quinn Grose– therapeutic, relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, Graston method.

Quinn joined our team in the fall of 2019. His work focuses on deep treatment therapy and fascial release and some of his favorite treatments are for shoulder and hip issues.  He has added Graston method to his therapy kit to help clients with fascial restrictions that can help create better range of motion issues and ease chronic pain.

Chelsea Caverly– therapeutic, relaxation, deep tissue.

Chelsea has been with us since January of 2020.  She enjoys helping her clients learn how to better take care of their physical health in between appointments as well as working with them on massage.  She brings extensive knowledge in remedial exercises and stretches so her clients to can continue to feel good every day.

Jess Ross - therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation

Jess joined our team in November of 2022 and has been practicing massage since 2012. Jess enjoys seeing the progress clients make when working with acute or chronic issues.  

Andrea Ginter - therapeutic, myofascial massage, scar tissue release

Andrea has been with us since 2015. During her massage training she found she really liked working with fascial techniques and scar tissue release and has taken extra courses to deepen her knowledge in her skills and abilities.  She really enjoys working with clients with chronic issues using these and other tools to get clients back to feeling and moving better.

Adrienne DiMarco - pre-natal/post-natal, therapeutic, relaxation, acute and chronic injury

Adrienne joined our team in early 2022.  She enjoys working with a wide variety of massage techniques and clients. Adrienne has a real interest in working with clients to build long and short term therapeutic goals, offering suggestions for stretches and exercises for clients to do at home to maximize feeling great even after their treatment.

Thoms Enns - therapeutic, myofascial, relaxation

has just joined us this January 2024. Thomas devotes his treatment time to be an even blend of myofascial release and therpeutic treatment and will incorporate relaxation techniques to help you relax as he works.

Alternative Therapists


Reflexologist RCRT, Reiki Master Practitioner

Celine had been with Sundragon since the very beginning in 2006. With 20+ years of experience, she has developed a unique approach to connecting with clients and offering tailored sessions specific to the client’s needs. She is a Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master, and has completed courses in Communication Skills for Counselling and Counselling Skills Theory at Red River College. Over the years, Celine has acquired knowledge and experience to assist her in a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to healing. Whether an ailment within the physical body or an emotional problem in mind, see how Celine can help you get on a path to better health, self-love, and enlightenment!



Neta Friesen Therapy and More

I have been in the helping profession for 35 years. My own life experiences drew me to this career. I feel privileged to accompany people along their life journey, and I am passionate about helping you live your best life!

Maggie Jin

TCM acupuncture, fire cupping, Gusha, accupressure

Maggie is a registered TCM Acupuncturist with Manitoba Professional Acupuncture Association(MPAA) since 2016. Maggie finished her eight years Traditional Chinese Medicine training in China including a practicum in a hospital. She can work with you on issues by using acupuncture treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom, lifestyle advice, cupping, and Guasha. Whether you come for help with pain, digestion, gynecologic issues,  stress/depression, or any other condition, she is dedicated to help you to improve you health conditions and wellness.